The Wedding Experience

My Approach to your Wedding Day

I am a storytelling wedding photographer with a beautiful, natural and fun style. My images have a timeless quality that mean you'll still be in love with them in years to come.

My approach is unobtrusive, candid storytelling with a sprinkle of light posing mixed in. To get a deeper understanding of how I will capture your special day, take a look below, and don’t forget you can always email me with any questions you may have too.


Every Wedding is different so don’t worry – I will always create a bespoke photography package that suits you and your big day. 


It starts with a consultation either face to face or over Skype. 


We will discuss your wedding plans and wishes for your photography as well as my style, approach and how I can hopefully help capture your big day. 

Once we are all confirmed, I will visit the venue before the wedding, scoping out the best spots for couples pictures and group shots. I will happily do this alone but I also love visiting with the couple too!

And finally, as we near the big day, I will send over a time planner to you, so I can see the confirmed timings of the day. I will highlight if I see any issues and offer advice if needed. 

I am always here if you need an ear or any advice when planning the timings of the day; I am only ever a phone call or email away! Oh and if you have an engagement shoot I will of course see you for this before the big day too! 


I adore this time as I get to capture the build-up of all the excitement and yes, the nerves (!) and I just love seeing the bond between the wedding party.

This is when I capture some of my favourite details of the day too – the dress, shoes, jewellery, flowers and more. And when I do the first bit of gentle posing; once the Bride is in her dress, we will take a little bit of time out to capture some stunning portraits. 


This is also the time to capture the reveal to family members and hopefully a few tears at everyone's first glimpse.

Me and my couples know 'Love it Love' so I will happily spend this time with a Groom too. All I can't do is be in two places at once, so I only cover one of the happy couple getting ready unless you are preparing at the same location.


I will subtly document your vows, clicking to capture the emotions but not too much to distract from the ceremony itself.


My focus will be on you as the couple: the entrances, the vows, the rings and the kiss. But I will also capture some guest reactions too with special attention on the front row VIPs.


After the official signing of the registry, I will make my way to the back of the room to capture your walk down the aisle as a newly married couple. 


 I will quietly weave my way amongst your guests, capturing unplanned and unexpected moments.


My hope is that on receiving your photos, these are the pictures that will show you things you did not even know were happening or that you had forgotten happened at all in the wedding day blur.

And for the evening reception I hope to get at least a few crazy shapes being cut on the dance floor too! 

Laughter and tears are the ultimate goal.


These are the pictures that future generations will love looking at, marvelling at how young you looked and the various fashions on display! Of course, if they are not your thing that is fine too – it is your day after all!


Group shoots usually take place during the drink’s reception after the ceremony. I suggest 6 to 8 groups which takes approximately 30 minutes to capture – by sticking to 8 maximum you avoid waiting in position for too long whilst groups switch about and give yourselves more time to enjoy your day with your guests.


A people wrangler, usually an usher or bridesmaid, is a great help in organising people, so I can concentrate on the photos themselves. I will gently arrange the positioning of people and give easy direction for posing – shots will be a mix of formal and fun; particularly great when photographing friends – silly faces at the ready! 


This is a really special time for the newly married couple; time to slip away from the crowds and take each other and the events of the ceremony in – you are now officially married!


We will pre-arrange a time, usually during the drink’s reception, to disappear and take some beautiful photos of the two of you for around 30 minutes. And don’t worry, we can all feel awkward and shy in front of the camera at first, but I will do my utmost to put you at ease, give gentle direction when needed and most importantly, make this part of the day fun for you both.


Depending on the season, venue and weather on the day, I would also recommend planning in 10 minutes of time for sunset “Golden Hour” photos later in the day – if the schedule (and weather) allows these can really offer something special to your couple portraits.



Whilst you eat, I have my break too but don’t worry, whether they are before or after the breakfast, I will be on hand to capture the speeches, another absolute favourite of mine – the tears and the laughter - I love capturing it all!


I may subtly move about the room during this time to capture different guest reactions as well as your own and of course that of the speech maker themselves. 

And before you eat, I will make sure to capture all the lovely details fo the Breakfast room too!


If you have chosen to do one, two or all three of the above, I will be there to capture them too! These activities often provide some of my most loved moments.


So, have your guests throw the petals in the air, feed each other that cake, or take a spin around the dance floor, and I will make sure I'm in place to capture the memory.


I really love all the small but amazing details that go into your wedding day, so I make sure to capture them:

The dress, the flowers, the shoes, the rings, the hair, the cake, the tables, the candles, the signs, the gifts, the special cocktails, the ballons, the rooms themselves and many many more! 

If it's there, I will snap it.

That’s my approach to capturing your day, and although my style will remain the same, I also know each and every wedding is different. That is why we have our consultation, so I can create a package that is bespoke to you. Use the links below to get in touch and tell me about you plans or ask me a question. Or discover more about prices and packages, hear what people are saying about me and view my lovely wedding portfolio.