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The Top 3 reasons I'm a Wedding Photographer

Updated: May 19, 2020

There are many, many reasons why I am and why I love being, a wedding photographer. Below is a small selection of my top favourite things I love about creating beautiful, relaxed, storytelling wedding photography for modern, fun, romantic couples.



My absolute number 1 reason I love what I do is the people. In my previous career in fashion head office, I stayed in my job for 2 years too long because I loved the people I worked with. As a wedding photographer I work alone, technically. But I don’t, not really. Instead I work with amazing couples who have included me in the journey of their wedding day. Sounds soppy? Yes, but I really do love it. From the first enquiry, to the face-to-face coffee (or wine) date, to the engagement shoot, the big day itself, the gallery reveals and beyond. I love getting to know you.

The consultation is an amazing time for me. People always thank me for giving up my evening to see them, but I couldn’t think of anything more fun to do than hear people’s stories – their love stories, their life stories, the travel adventures, what they like to cook, their pets names – I love hearing it all.

Sharing those first awkward laughs on an engagement shoot whilst you get used to me and my camera is awesome. I used to sit in an office and now I get to spend the afternoon hanging out with seriously cool people taking pictures? Yes please!


By the time the wedding day comes, I’d like to think I’ve really got an idea of who you are as individuals and as a couple, so I can really capture your day in my style but in the perfect way for you. I’ll get emotional whilst you say your vows and probably later at the speeches too. Whilst we do your couple photos I am definitely smiling as much as you, as your happiness really is infectious: Who doesn’t want to spend their working day surrounded by all that happiness, love and laughter? I am super grateful this is my job.

And after I’ve sent your gallery over, hearing that you love what I’ve created for you is the best feeling ever. You know that feeling when you think you’ve nailed you best friend’s birthday present this year, and you can’t wait to give it to them, and then when you do, they love it just as much as you hoped they would- that’s the feeling I am talking about.

And when after all this, I still hear from you, we still check in with each other and see how we’re both doing, that’s when I know I don’t work alone: I work with friends.


2. The Freedom

If we’ve ever met, then we have probably talked about travelling. I LOVE it. When I made the decision to leave my London job, I travelled by myself for a year. In my thirties. It was scary, liberating, exciting, exhausting, empowering and magical all at once. When I came home, I knew, just knew, I couldn’t go back to an office. Now days I do have a little home office but curling up in your slippers, tea in hand at home doing some editing or creating some marketing, is a whole new level of office work I can get onboard with.

And when I’m not in my little home-office bubble, I am either on an engagement shoot, visiting a venue or capturing a wedding day. On a Monday morning when I used to be in a never-ending cycle of meetings, I may now be found down at the beach snapping gorgeous people fighting the urge to laugh as I encourage them to touch noses. I get to see behind the scenes at some of the most stunning wedding venues, wander their grounds and get lost in all the perfect for photos spots. We live in England, so sometimes this means I get rained on, but I even don’t mind that, puddles make great photos afterall.

And I am so much not an office person anymore, that I even enjoy the often-long drives in the car: I throw on my songs-to-sing-in-the-car Spotify play list and belt out some classics at the top of my lungs. What’s not to love about that?!


3. Creating Memories

I’ve always loved art, composition, creating: from drawing my own colouring books when I was a child, to studying film at university specialising in production design and everything in-between, I always wanted to create something that people loved looking at. For me Wedding photography is the art of capturing memories, whether it’s the epic couples’ pictures, the stunning details others might miss, or trapping that unplanned moment in time that had everyone in stitches. There really is an art to it. Getting yourself in the right place at the right time, being present but not distracting, knowing where the action is happening and being there to capture it. Plus there's knowing how to use all the buttons on your fancy camera, which I just about do!

When I am at a wedding I’m not just pointing and clicking. I am constantly looking for creative and interesting ways to capture your day. I’m thinking about the space, the composition, the light, the angles, different focus points, reflections, colours, the weather, and an abundance of other things that can really bring a photo to life. Some photographers outsource their editing, but I don’t. One of my favourite things to do is tweak an image so the idea I had on the day fully comes into being.

As a wedding photographer I get to capture beautiful moments that really mean something to my clients: giving them tangible memories to cherish for ever, and what could be better than that.


So in the end, the main reason I am a wedding photographer is it brings me JOY. And my clients JOY. And who doesn't want job where you create friends from strangers and give them memories to cherish. If you think I could help do the same for you, please do reach out and say Hi. I promise, I'm not always such a soppy romantic. Or maybe I am, but I think I'm okay with it, Annie x

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